Bồ Hiếu Linh Đan: “Completely New And Interesting Experience In CG Banilad”

 To Camellia: “There was no any pressure but a lot of laughs and interesting stories” in CG Banilad

Student information

Full Name: Bo Hieu Linh Dan

English name: Camellia

Course: General ESL

Period: 20/5/2018 – 2/6/2018

Studying and living in a foreign country is extremely attractive to many people, especially to someone who hadn’t travel abroad. So, do I. However, I used to be worried a lot. I had not known whether I can adapt easily to new living environment or not or whether the food is tasty or not. I also had asked myself many times how it could be if I live with other international students in a same room.There had had so many questions in my mind. I believe that so many students who are going to study English abroad have the same questions.

First of all, my life in CG ESL Centre was extremely busy because I had 8 English classes in every weekday from the early morning to the late afternoon with Filipino teachers and international friends from Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia and Japanese. The first class started from 8 o’clock and the last class of the day ended around 18 o’clock. It sounded too much stress with this class schedule, nearly 6 hours a day. Actually, there was no any pressure but a lot of laughs and interesting stories because my teachers and my friends were so friendly and enthusiastic. Therefore, you should not worry a lot if you are not a hardworking student. Somehow these interesting classes drained all of my energy. As a result, I often get hungry especially in the last class.


CG ESL Centre provided students with three meals a day including breakfast, lunch and dinner with diverse menu from ingredients such as rice, pasta, fried egg, beef, pork, chicken, kimchi, many kinds of vegetable (bitter melon, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkin, green bean, lettuce) and fruits (apple, pineapple and watermelon) for desert. These ingredients were familiar to Vietnamese due to the same weather, tropical climate; however, the taste was a little different. I thought I had should bring along some of my favorite food like noodle, dried beef or yogurt. As a result, I walked to the supermarkets near school almost every night for doing exercise and finding out some snacks which have the same taste to Vietnam food. One more important thing was that the meals were served on specific time; therefore, I had to set alarm not to miss any meal. During the meal, I met a lot of international and had chat with them to get to know each other with different questions such as where they are from or which the best destinations in their country for traveler is. After dinner, I went to my room to take a bath.

My room was tidy and well-organized because whenever the room becomes messed up, I just need to arrange time for clean-up service at school. My clothes were also washed and dried carefully with laundry service at school too. Thanks to these service, I could concentrate on my studying and did not waste time for household chores. Moreover, my roommates were neat girls and they kept the room always clean and arranged everything neatly. They are sociable and friendly too. Every night before going to bed, we had some funny chats together in English. It was time for us to get closer by sharing our stories and experience. I felt so lucky when I shared the room with such lovely girls.

This was the first time I study English abroad in a boarding school. Everything was new and interesting, especially my life in CG ESL Centre.

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